Sunday, February 12, 2012

House Boat Trip to Kanchanaburi

My dear friend Rhonda kidded me about my "New Year's resolution" to update my blog more frequently.  As usual, she was right so here we go.

Since returning to Thailand, my time has been  focused on practicing my practical Thai language skills, waiting for the land I purchased in Prachinburi, Thailand to be cleared so construction on a small house and garden can begin and a few trips throughout the region.

"Apparently", I have been told, the land should be cleared by the Thai Songkran holiday next week.  The notions of "Thai Time" and "Mai Pen Rai" (or No Problem) have tested my patience a little bit but I am excited to see the progress when I visit Prachinburi for the Thai holiday which is best characterized by people throwing as much water on as many people possible throughout the three-day holiday.

In February, I went with Porn and her friend Mai who is from Prachinburi and about fifteen of her Prachinburi friends for a two-day house-boating trip in Kanchanburi, a rural, mountainous area about 3 hours from Bangkok.

I figured it would be a good chance to meet some of the locals from the town where I will build and was I ever right!  Thirty-six hours of chatting (in Thai), swimming, listening to Thai music and eating non-stop.  The boat rental included a dedicated cook, a kind woman skilled in the art of cooking Thai food for large groups of people.  Honestly, she cooked almost the entire time bringing out more dishes about every 15 minutes.

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