Friday, July 2, 2010

From this....BOS-SFO-BKK

From this...

To this....
Has much really changed except for the scenery?

Where do I begin...made it to Bangkok with virtual ease.  Stepping out of the airport, any airport really for me, brings a great sense of wonder, adventure and nervousness.  Though I have been through the Suvarnabbhumi Airport many times, this time was different.  I was not coming as a tourist but instead to as a new resident.  Maybe not of Bangkok or Thailand even, but someplace in this vast area called Southwest Asia.  Pardon my French, but fucking crazy!  I know my family loves me but I also know they must think I'm nuts.  Who would have thought that the youngest of the six kids reared by Tom and Mary Beatty would bounce from West Roxbury, Massachusetts to San Francisco, California to Southeast Asia?  And why, I often ask myself, do I continue to move on?  Running away from something or running to something?  I guess only time will tell.

After a night in Hua Hin, a little beach town two hours south of Bangkok, with my friend Sunee and her family, we all got into her sister Meow's (I know...I know) car and drove to Chomburn to catch the ferry to the serene island of Koh Tao for the weekend.

After lazing on the beach for a couple of days, Sunee (in green) and her family went home while I stayed on to catch up on some reading (Crime and Punishment), some swimming and some sun and seafood.

Five days later, I took the ferry to Koh Samui for a night.  That day, I watched online as my beloved Celtics lost to those damn Lakers.  Grrr....but it was pretty cool watching live.  The only thing that was missing was my cooking and my friends since we all would have been at Casa De Cornwall for the big game.

From Ko Samui, I flew back to Bangkok, probably one of my favorite cities in the world.  There is always just so much activity, diversity, delicious food and generally just unpredictable craziness.  And, with FIFA World Cup 2010 in full swing, I knew it might be trouble.  The games here start at 9 PM and 1:30 am.  Yikes!  And I want to live here?

The past two weeks or so have been hectic and fun all-in-one.  Amazing street food for about a buck a plate, great people, new friends, fervent Thai soccer fans, condo hunting, job hunting, and Thai language school searching.
31 baht (less then 1 USD) bowl of fresh noodle soup with sprouts and basil

I have not yet decided that Bangkok will be my home but since I have time, I want to make sure I do my due diligence.   Cambodia is itching at me and I will satisfy that itch when my good friend B-dub shows up on this continent on 8 July.

But, I have signed a short-term lease on a one bedroom condo in Bangkok.

 I have also enrolled in a three-month long Thai class so I can better communicate with my new peeps.  :-)

Until then, take care, my friends and Happy Fourth of July.  You all deserve to relax and enjoy your friends and family.  I only wish I was there to enjoy the festivities and my dear friends.