Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chillin' on Ko Tao

Well, I decided to come to Ko Tao to relax and maybe dive for two days.  I am now into day four here with no end in sight.  It's a quaint, litle fishing village that has learned how to make tourists feel comfortable and relaxed.  The business of my "former" life stateside is starting to slowly peel away.  Forgetting shoes in restaurants for 18 hours, awaking with the roosters, slowing down to watch geckos feed, butterflies flutter and waves ebb and flow.

My posts have thus far been infrequent because honestly, there hasn't been much notable to tell you all and ddin't want to bore you.  One things though which has been frequent is amazingly good cheap food.  Thai green curry with shrimp for 60 baht or two dollars.  It was prepared by a wonderful woman named Mae who runs a small outdoor restaurant.  I've had most lunches there and try to time it so that I get to watch the interaction between Mae and her two daughters, Nancy (8) and Alice (5).  The family is so strong here and they obviously love and enjoy each other.  The laughter comes easily to them.

 Well, it's Sunday morning and the rainstorms just hit.  Incredibly hard-pouring rain that lasts for about ten minutes.  Then, the sun comes out and the storm is just a emory.


  1. What beautiful people! What beautiful food! I can almost taste that soup. I feel more relaxed just by looking at the pictures. Keep 'em coming!

  2. good for you Beatty. I hope you more free time to update your blog daily. I know it's not gonna happen for now. lol!